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BodyTalk Frequently Asked Questions

What is BodyTalk?

What do you get when you combine the wisdom of advanced yoga and advaitic philosophy, the insights of modern physics and mathematics, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of Applied Kinesiology, and western medical expertise? A revolutionary new form of health care called BodyTalk.

BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re-synchronized so that they can operate as nature intended. Each system, cell and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, these lines of communication become compromised, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental health. Reconnecting these lines of communication then enables the body's mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus preventing disease and rapidly accelerating the healing process. BodyTalk can be used as a stand-alone system to treat many health problems, or seamlessly integrated into any health care system to increase its effectiveness and promote faster healing.

BodyTalk's major assets are its simplicity, safety, and the speed of its results. It is non-invasive, objective in application, and works effectively on humans and animals alike. Even if a BodyTalk technique is performed incorrectly, it simply means that there will be no result or change. It will not make things worse. It follows, therefore, that anyone who receives BodyTalk has nothing to lose and everything to gain as far as their health is concerned.

Why do we need BodyTalk?

The body has built-in mechanisms to initiate the healing process. If we cut ourselves, the body immediately sets up a process to start healing the wound. This occurs at several levels - physical, emotional, and mental. Although this is obvious to every one of us, most people do not fully realize just how wonderful the human healing mechanism actually is.

So why do we get sick? The problem facing the body is in the way our lifestyles interfere with the natural processes of the body.

Today, most people in society are routinely exposed to the following:

  • The physical stresses of day to day life including physical injuries.

  • Emotional traumas and issues that arise from time to time (e.g. extreme anger, fear, worry, sadness, grief, guilt or jealousy that we experience but cannot process and release effectively).

  • Chemical substances contained in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air that we breathe.

  • Exposure to artificial energy fields that exist within our society and the electronic devices that we use on a daily basis (e.g., power plants, overhead electrical wires, phones and cell phones, pagers, computers, TVs, VCRs, stereo equipment, microwave ovens, lights, clock radios, other electrical appliances).

These factors compromise the communication networks or energy circuits of the body. It is critical that these systems be perfectly balanced for the body to effectively coordinate the billions of synchronized activities per second that are necessary to maintain optimum health.

The body only fails in its job because its communication systems have been severely compromised through the external stresses of life. In essence, the energy circuits are "blown" in a similar manner to electrical circuits in our house that "blow" when they are overloaded. By re-establishing good communication between the various parts of the body, they once again are able to "talk" to each other. The body is then capable of healing itself very rapidly and effectively.

How Does BodyTalk Work?

The BodyTalk system works by first identifying the weak energy circuits that exist within the body. The practitioner relies on the innate wisdom of the body to locate the energy circuits that need repair by using a form of biofeedback, which is a subtle muscle testing technique.

For every malfunctioning energy circuit that is found, the practitioner or client contacts the corresponding "points" with their hands. The practitioner then lightly taps the client on the top of the head, which stimulates the brain centers and causes the brain to re-evaluate the state of the body's health. The result is that the general energy balance of the body is greatly improved.

The practitioner then taps the client on the sternum to "announce" the corrected energy flows to the rest of the body. This is beneficial because the heart is responsible for communicating the state of the body's health to the rest of the body. Stimulating the heart by tapping the sternum forces the heart to store the corrected energy patterns in the body's cellular memory. This means that the body will remember these changes after the treatment.

The BodyTalk treatment protocol is very straightforward and does not require any diagnosis. The practitioner relies on the guidance of innate widom, through muscle testing, to not only locate the weakened lines of communication in the body but also to find the proper order in which they are to be addressed. Just as the body heals a wound with a particular sequencing of chemical reactions, the body wants to address all healing in a certain order. This priority is paramount in the balancing process to initiate the body's ability to heal itself. The healing process usually follows rather quickly.

What Does BodyTalk Address?

BodyTalk can be useful in a number of situations - i) it can be used to address specific diseases and disorders, ii) it can be used as a means of maintenance and prevention to keep the body in good health, and iii) it can be used to complement other treatment modalities.

The number of BodyTalk sessions needed will vary from patient to patient according to their circumstances. For most clients, two or three BodyTalk sessions are sufficient to address the key problem areas and thus ease the symptoms. Each session usually lasts for about half an hour. The client is advised to wear loose fitting cotton clothing if possible, and may be asked to remove jewelry or belt buckles during the session. At the end of a BodyTalk session, the practitioner uses the body's innate wisdom to determine if further sessions are necessary (via the biofeedback technique) and if so, when the next visit should be scheduled.

Can BodyTalk Help Me?

BodyTalk has proven to be very effective in addressing many common diseases such as dyslexia, chronic viruses and infections, allergies, poor immune system functioning, sugar metabolism disorders, arthritis and general musculo-skeletal disorders, emotional and psychological problems, and many others.

Current areas addressed by the BodyTalk system are as follows:

  • Overall breathing patterns, left/right brain co-ordination, energy blockages associated with birthplace, energy imbalances within the brain cortices, general and localized hydration, and health problems associated with internal and external scarring.

  • Specific balancing of the twelve major body organs, eight endocrine systems, and other body parts.

  • Correction of genetically and/or environmentally influenced cell disorders.

  • Clearing the body of viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances, environmental allergies, and accumulated toxins.

  • Balancing the 36 surface energy points that often impact a person's energy level, mood, overall structural integrity, muscle tension, and digestive system. These surface energy imbalances are also a cause pain in specific parts of the body.

  • Clearing past and present emotional blockages including specific phobias and fears. These sessions have been very effective in correcting a number of psychological disorders.

  • Cleansing the lymphatic system including all the body lymph glands and the lymph ducts.

  • Addressing energy blockages associated with the nervous and circulatory systems.

  • Balancing the various energy systems within the body including the traditional acupuncture meridians, the chakras, and general bioenergetic energy flow. Blood sugar balancing also comes under this category.

  • Releasing parts of the musculo-skeletal system that may be "locked". This includes the spine, pubic bone, cranium, sacrum, ribs, joints and muscles.

  • Restoring energy imbalances between the patient and certain aspects of the environment.

Any of the above mentioned areas can have a profound impact on the overall health of the body. Over the last few years, BodyTalk has been used to successfully address a wide range of psychological and physiological diseases.

In addition, BodyTalk's application within other health care modalities is the subject of much research at this time. Because the basic principles of BodyTalk are scientifically sound and far reaching in nature, we expect BodyTalk's scope to be expanded considerably in the future.

Is BodyTalk Safe?

The BodyTalk system has been practiced in many parts of the world now for several years.

There are hundreds BodyTalk practitioners throughout the world who are now using the system on a regular basis. In all of these cases, the BodyTalk system has proved to be a totally safe and effective form of treatment.

The reason for this is that BodyTalk treatment only involves rebalancing energy systems throughout the body - there is nothing invasive or dangerous about it whatsoever. We do advise however, that BodyTalk is not a substitute for conventional medical care, and may be times when consultation with a physician is required.

Why Does BodyTalk Work So Well?

With BodyTalk, the practitioner does not need to diagnose the problem with the patient.

The innate intelligence of the human body informs the practitioner which energy systems need to be rebalanced and in which particular order. In this vein, the treatment is in no way influenced by what the practitioner thinks is wrong with the patient. When you consider that there are over a billion synchronized activities that occur in the human body every second, it's not hard to see that the conscious mind of a practitioner may have some difficulty in determining exactly what is going on inside someone's body.

This is where the BodyTalk system excels. The practitioner is relieved of this burden and the source of the problem is actually the provider of the information that is needed for the patient to heal. This is a key aspect of the BodyTalk system and one which we feel is probably the main reason why the system works so well.

How Was BodyTalk Originally Conceived?

BodyTalk was originally conceived in Australia by Dr. John Veltheim. Dr. Veltheim has worked in and studied in a broad range of health care modalities for over 20 years, including traditional acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology, Reiki and bioenergetics.

In the mid nineties, he began to put together a treatment protocol to address diseases such as dyslexia, chronic viruses and infections, poor immune system functioning, certain types of allergies, poor blood sugar balancing, arthritis and musculo-skeletal disorders, organ dysfunction and general energy system imbalances.

This system was called BodyTalk and was based on the wisdom of advanced yoga, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology, and western medical expertise.

Since that time, the BodyTalk protocol has been taught to many people in over a dozen countries around the world. It has been expanding since these early days and the rate of new discovery within the BodyTalk paradigm is now increasing exponentially.

We believe that the fundamentals of the system are so sound, that in the future its principles may well be integrated into mainstream health care.

Can Someone Be Overtreated with BodyTalk?

No. The BodyTalk practitioner takes specific instructions from the innate intelligence of the body, which knows exactly what needs to be treated and in what order.

In this vein, it is not possible for someone to be over treated with BodyTalk (even if a patient were to receive treatment that was not indicated as a priority by the innate intelligence of the patient's body, the treatment would have no effect on the patient - positive or negative).

Are There Any Side Effects to BodyTalk?

BodyTalk involves tapping into the innate intelligence of the patient before treatment. In this vein, the BodyTalk practitioner is always aware what the patient's body can safely deal with at any particular time.

Not surprisingly therefore, the clinical findings of BodyTalk treatment have shown that the system is totally safe. By virtue of the BodyTalk treatment protocol, the human body will not allow the practitioner to treat them for a condition unless it is perfectly safe to do so.
There are, however, some healing symptoms may that occur in certain cases.

For instance, if a patient's body is ridding itself of a virus, flu type symptoms may occur until this process is complete. Symptoms could also appear for a short time after treating parasites, toxins, and emotional releases. These are always short lasting however, and as stated above, the innate intelligence of the body is always questioned by the practitioner before hand to ensure that the body is capable of dealing with healing the particular condition.

Finally, insulin levels may need to be monitored after a blood sugar balancing treatment if the patient is a diabetic. BodyTalk practitioners know to never treat blood sugar on a diabetic unless the patient is capable of monitoring and adjusting their own insulin levels.

What Does BodyTalk Cost?

As a patient, BodyTalk fees may vary as to location. Fees for BodyTalk sessions can be higher or lower due to country, or in America, due to state.

Generally, in all countries, BodyTalk sessions are priced comparable to massage therapy rates in your area. Therefore, on average, BodyTalk sessions in the U.S. can run anywhere from USD $50-$100. Moreover, BodyTalk rates will vary depending upon the local economy.
There are many elements which make the cost of BodyTalk a benefit.

For example, if your BodyTalk practitioner is a doctor, you may be able to use your health insurance to aid in the costs. See your practitioner for details. Also, since there are no expensive tests that go along with BodyTalk, there will be no additional charges for such items. Finally, BodyTalk sessions address the entire body rather than just one aspect at a time. Therefore, you will get comprehensive attention during one session.

A final factor to take into consideration in regards to the pricing of BodyTalk sessions is that BodyTalk takes far fewer sessions than other health modalities to notice changes in health.

Therefore, the overall price of BodyTalk can be significantly lower than other health modalities. Since every BodyTalk practitioner may charge different amounts for services rendered, please see our practitioner listing and contact one in your area for specific details.

How Do I Become a BodyTalk Practitioner?

There are an increasing number of practitioners now being trained in the BodyTalk system throughout the world.

To become effective utilizing the BodyTalk System, either in conjunction with a current health-care practice, or simply on friends and family, only the first two foundation modules of the BodyTalk System (Module 1 & Module 2) are required.

The many advanced BodyTalk courses which are available above and beyond the first two Modules serve to deepen one's understanding of the principles of BodyTalk and of the mechanisms at work within the body itself, and to take one's BodyTalk practice to new levels.

BodyTalk certification can only be issued by the International BodyTalk Association. To be certified to practice BodyTalk professionally, practitioners who have taken at least the BodyTalk Modules 1 and 2 must then pass written and oral examinations to become Certified BodyTalk Practitioners with the IBA, and are required to maintain their standards through continuing education.

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